Funding FAQs

We ask our clients to fundraise $9500 for NEADS to defray the $25,000 it costs us to to acquire, train and match each of our unique and highly trained dogs.

We make it easy by supporting our clients at every step of the way. We provide a fundraising kit that has effective and efficient fundraising methods. NEADS assists in developing a realistic fundraising strategy that helps each client achieve their goals. Depending on the success of our joint fundraising campaign, a client's out-of-pocket expenses may be zero!

For more information on fundraising, please contact our Development Department.

How much does a NEADS dog cost?

The average cost of raising and training a NEADS dog is over $25,000. We ask our clients to fundraise or contribute a $9,500 donation to NEADS. The balance is covered through additional donations made to the NEADS organization. We believe that it is important for our clients to participate in the fundraising process. 

How do I go about fundraising?

Upon being accepted after your interview, you will meet with a NEADS representative who will provide you with helpful fundraising ideas and tools as well as help you develop a fundraising plan. We will continue to guide and support you so that your fundraising experience is rewarding instead of stressful.

What if I am unable to fundraise?

NEADS understands that some of our clients have circumstances that may make fundraising very difficult. Those clients lacking personal resources and/or are unable to raise funds may contact our Supervisor of Client Accounts prior to applying for an assistance dog at

Do I have to fundraise or can I donate to NEADS with my own money?

Fundraising is not a requirement. Our clients are welcome to donate out of pocket if they are financially capable of doing so.  Some of our clients have set up automatic donations from their bank accounts.  Many clients choose a combination of making their own donations to NEADS, and fundraising.

Will I get a dog faster if I raise the money more quickly?

NEADS dogs are matched based on a very complex list of criteria and we pride ourselves on our team matches.  This is our number one priority. That being said, if a dog becomes ready to be matched and there are several clients who would be a good fit, the amount of money donated will be a consideration.

How long do I have to fundraise the $9,500 donation to NEADS?

We ask our clients to follow the guidelines below as closely as possible:

  • A suggested goal of $4,500 raised or contributed as a donation to NEADS prior to arriving for training
  • A target of $9,500 donated to NEADS in full within two years of acceptance date

When should I begin the fundraising process?

We encourage all clients to begin fundraising immediately after they are accepted.

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