Dogs at Your Desk

Host Dogs in Your Office

Help NEADS socialize our dogs by inviting Service-Dogs-in-training to spend the day at your office. Employees engage in a normal work day, while the presence of our loveable, highly trained dogs boosts morale!

If you live within one hour of the NEADS campus in Princeton, Massachusetts, you can host highly skilled NEADS dogs-in-training at your office -- to your own benefit, and to ours as well! Approximately six dogs will come to your office. After you and your coworkers receive a short education session, the dogs will spend the day happily meeting your officemates and practicing "down" under your desk. The “Dogs at Your Desk” program helps to familiarize the dogs-in-training with the sights and sounds of a busy corporate environment, including elevators, fax machines and cafeteria noise.

Employees are expected to engage in a normal work day, and offices do not lose any valuable work time. Yet the presence of our highly trained, lovable dogs contributes to a positive office environment that has been shown to increase morale and productivity for weeks to come! It is a fun day for everyone involved, but serious work is accomplished in getting the dogs ready to help people with disabilities in their workplace.

How to participate

  • A minimum contribution of $2,500 is requested for a visit from the Dogs at Your Desk program.
  • Requests must be submitted at least three months before the desired event date.
  • Please email us for more information.