Christine House

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Hello, my name is Christine and this is my family-my amazing husband Jean-Paul and my two beautiful children Madelyn and Samuel.  

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in October of 2012 and after 9 surgeries and several complications, I am finally tumor free.  I was blessed with my life, however, was left permanently deaf in my right ear.  Last year I started rapidly losing my hearing in my only hearing ear.  This has had a profound impact on my life. I am very social and outgoing, but have turned to seclusion because of the loss of my hearing.  

The addition of a hearing service dog will have a profound impact on my life and allow me to gain back some of the freedoms I have lost.  As we all move forward in our lives, this is one of the times that I need help.  So I am taking this moment to ask.  

Thank you for reading my story and whether you give or not, I hope you will be inspired to help others in some way.  Best wishes!