Courtney Girouard & Tonka

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Courtney grew up with a hearing loss that is progressive. She needed a new hearing dog as soon as she lost Texas, her first hearing dog. 

Courtney loves the outdoors and likes to spend as much time as possible in the woods, camping and hiking. In addition to her love for nature, Courtney is also a crafter and artist. In her own  words:

"With the loss of Texas, my partner in life for ten years, I am constantly realizing how much support and help he was to me with my loss of hearing. I am more nervous and have more anxiety than ever before about being out alone, especially when I am in the woods. Texas was my confidence and I have lost it. He let me know where sounds were coming from and I knew he would always have my back. 

I was constantly overwhelmed with unidentified sounds and unaware of the direction it was coming from. Having Tonka to look in the direction of the sounds is so helpful to further identify it. I also know by the way he looks if I should check it out or not."