Emily Ciulla & Rev

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When I first applied to get an assistance dog from NEADS, I knew that I would receive a special dog. I didn't know that I would receive a dog that has had such a huge impact on my professional and personal life. Rev accompanies me to work everyday, which is the Nevins Nursing and Rehab Centre in Methuen Massachusetts. Our facility provides short term rehabilitation services to a variety of elders with many different diagnosis. We are also "home" to about 150 elderly, who need long term care placement. Rev has made such a huge difference in our building, words almost cannot describe. He has made our building more exciting, more home-like, and has made therapy much better for numerous people since he arrived in November. I make 1 to 1 visits with Rev daily, and he is incorporated into therapy sessions frequently. He has motivated our patients to walk further, try harder, and be more confident in therapy. Patients continuously kiss him, talk to him, and hug him. As soon as I walk into the building, everyone wants to see Rev and play with him. At home, he has been the perfect fit to my family. My golden retriever, Brody, and him are best friends. They spend numerous days in our backyard running around and wrestling. He is with me 99% percent of the time, he is my best friend. Please consider donating to our fund so that Rev can continue to have such a huge impact in our community.