Gabriel Alonso

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Our son Gabriel is a 12-year-old boy who received the diagnose of Tourette Syndrome (a neurological disorder that involves involuntary motor and verbal tics) in 2010 by Dr. David Coulter from Children's Hospital Boston. Gabriel also has a diagnosis of chronic anxiety. Gabriel's condition started to show when he was in kindergarten. At that time he suffered most by being blamed for the noises and movements he was making involuntarily. Ever since, Gabriel has faced many harsh situations at school and in the community in which the lack of understanding of his health condition contributed to the increase of his suffering.

When we heard about the NEADS program, we saw a great opportunity for our son to have a buddy to support him to overcome his anxiety by keeping him company and helping him increase his self-confidence. We are looking forward to receiving your support to achieve the cost of training a social dog and, consequently, having our son's dream come true.