Jean Thibault & Cami

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I had a NEADS service dog. His name was, Seltzer. He was an answer to prayer. He was an extraordinary dog that loved to learn new things. He helped with the laundry, pulled my socks off (when I asked him to), helped with the mail and picked up items for me (for instance, my car keys). He had a good spirit about him. He went almost everywhere with me. I was able to take him to work. He helped many people who were going through a hard time feel better and they were able to talk. He drew people to us everywhere we went. I enjoyed talking to people. It opened me up to be able to talk and make new friends. But sadly, Seltzer passed away recently.

I was recently matched with Cami, my new service dog and she is so helpful! I look forward to building a relationship. I think one of the most rewarding things is the companionship a person develops with their dog. There really are no words to explain the understanding you have because you know your dog and the dog knows you. I think God made it that way.

It would be wonderful if you could help toward the cost of Cami. It is a big goal to reach. However, with the assistance of others chipping in makes the goal easier to reach. NEADS is a great organization that has helped people with disabilities regain confidence. Yes, people with disabilities do matter. Thank you.