Kaiyla O'Hara

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Kaiyla is a vibrant, energetic, happy 9 year old girl with Autism and Mental Retardation.  The obstacles she faces because of this can be emotional, frustrating, sometimes hurtful and cause everyday tasks to be difficult.

Every morning she wakes up, follows a schedule using visual boards and cues, yet still requires assistance with tasks many of us take for granted. Such as getting dressed, using the bathroom, personal hygeine and transitioning from one task or activity to another.  This is hard for her as she is fiercely independent and gets frustrated and anxious when she needs help.

Her love of going to the zoo, local playground or even the beach can quickly become tough for her, not just due to the noise, crowds or anxiety they cause, but also because of the stares of strangers or avoidance from other children that just don't seem to understand why this "typical" looking girl is humming, rocking, wringing her hands or letting out little screams to calm herself.

A service dog for Kaiyla would bring constant companionship with a non-judgemental "best friend".  It would add to her daily routine with independent tasks like feeding, walking, playing or even reading with her dog.  It would enable Kaiyla to interact with peers on a positive level and alleviate some of the stares of unknowing strangers.  With your generosity, we can change Kaiyla's life, filling it with tasks she CAN do independently, instead of a world of "I CAN'TS".

Please consider donating towards our goal to bring awareness, acceptance and independence to Kaiyla's life on an everyday basis.

Peace, Love & Light

Joe, Sarah, Kaiyla and little brother Anthony

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