Michaela Williams & Grace

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For years I took in and helped difficult dogs, and now I’m the one that needs the help of a dog.

For more than thirty years I was a psychotherapist often taking on the most difficult cases; and I did the same with dogs, adopting the most challenging and least likely to be rescued from the area shelters.   

Until 1994, when I was injured in a hiking accident with my dog, I was physically active, including tending my organic garden which fed me and another family.  After the accident, I lost the stabilizing ligament in my left knee which began the long decline.   Unfortunately, due to another dog clipping me in a neighbor’s yard, the same thing happened to my right knee.  

Since then, despite using a cane, on several occasions I have fallen after being bumped into, and now my physician has warned me that I cannot sustain any further injury to my knees.   Now, however, I have Grace and she helps protect me from these kinds of accidents and, through being stabilized, I am regaining the confidence and courage to run errands and work in the garden.