Michelle Eisan-Smith

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Michelle was born profoundly deaf and has identified herself as being culturally Deaf. She attended Gallaudet University and received her doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology.  When not working, Michelle is active and enjoys the outdoors of New England. She can often be found hiking, running and camping during her down time.

Michelle is self-identified as being independent. Despite this she seeks ways to be more independent.  Through this carefully considered search, it led Michelle to seek a service dog through NEADS. 

This specially trained hearing dog will be a 24-hour a day companion that will accompany Michelle everywhere to assist her with sounds that many people take for granted such as a door knock or doorbell, smoke detector, alarm clock, police sirens, baby crying and even when someone addresses her from behind.

Not only will this service dog be assisting her with everyday needs, the dog will also be trained as a therapy dog that would assist others she works with, especially children, in her work as a mental health clinician working with young deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Please consider sponsoring Michelle and her new sidekick.