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Hi, I'm Sandy, pictured here with my second NEADS dog, Rally.  I was diagnosed with Juvenile RA when I was 13.  Over the  years, the disease has left me with a severe mobility impairment.

Rally has taken over the duties that my first dog CeCe so faithfully performed for me for 9 years... helping me with balance, picking up dropped items, opening doors and the most important of all, bringing me the phone to call 911 when I fell, among other things.  Driving out to NEADS to train with Rally, without CeCe, made me quickly realize just how dependent I was upon my dog.  Those who have had previous dogs for a number of years will know the almost helpless feeling one has when suddenly your dog is not with you.  Our dogs quickly become an extension of ourselves as does a wheelchair, prosthetic limb or other aid or device which enable us to live a more independent life.

At ten and a half years of age, it was only right to give CeCe the retirement she so much deserves.  CeCe's career as a service dog went far beyond the normal duties of a service dog.  She was responsible for several pieces of legislation over the past six years, three of which are now NH laws.  She was an active participant in NH's annual Service Dog Awareness Day event held at our State House and she took part in two annual NH events celebrating International Assistance Dog Week

Rally has started off picking up where CeCe left off in her service dog advocacy work.  Several days after coming home from training, Rally attended her first NH Senate hearing on our bill concerning fake service dogs which CeCe had been pushing since last fall.  In May, Rally attended the signing of that bill into law.  She stood, feet on table, right next to our Governor to be sure she signed it.  It is, now, unlawful in the state of NH for some one's pet dog to impersonate a service dog and it is also unlawful for someone to impersonate a person with a  disability in order to have a service dog.  

Rally knows there is still much more advocacy work to be done in addition to the many important tasks she performs for me each day.  We both look forward to your financial support of any amount as no amount is too small to help defray the cost of our invaluable dogs. 

Thank you for your support.