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Hi, my name is Kelly Bucchere. I was born with a birth defect known as Spina Bifida. This has caused complete paralysis of my legs below the level of my knees and partial paralysis in the rest of my legs. As a result, I utilize a wheelchair for mobility. I have always been extremely independent, sometimes to a fault.

My name is Karen and I live in Storrs, CT. I have been dependent on a wheelchair for mobility for the past four years. I was been diagnosed with a progressive neuro-muscular disease that resulted in neuropathy and partial paralysis.I did my best to remain very active, including playing sled hockey for a team in Arizona and also on the USA Women’s National team.

I am a 62 year old semi-retired registered nurse that has had 12 spine surgeries to correct a severe Scoliosis and now Kyphosis. If you are not familiar with that term it means that my back goes forward into a “Quasimodo” kind of posture - not erect at all. As a result, I have gone from being 5'7" tall to 4ft 11" tall.

I was diagnosed with ALS this past June of 2013. It has been a challenging journey for me and my loving family dealing with this every moment of every day. ALS is a degenerative Motor Neuron Disease. At this point, I have begun to walk with a walker. I keep active, go to work every day, and am driving. As the disease progresses, these activities will become more challenging. Not long after hearing about the work done at NEADS and going through an interview, they provided a beautiful yellow lab named Swanson in March of 2014. She has been such a blessing. Aside from performing tasks that help get me through the day (fetching, retrieving, opening doors, etc), she has brought a sense of joy and peace to our family which was absent for a while. I am now taking care of Swanson so she can take care of me.

Injured in a car accident in 1982, Cyndi is an incomplete parapalegic and needs to use a cane to help her get around. She attends Charter Oak State College as a commuting student and a dog would be a great friend and assistant.