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Jonah is a loving 16 year old boy who loves to be around people. He has many medical challenges including Cystic Fibrosis and Mitochondrial Myopathy. Jonah requires daily medical treatments, multiple medications and his diseases impact his daily life in many ways. His lungs, liver, intestines, brain, and muscles are all involved. Jonah loves to take walks but suffers with fatigue and muscle pain. He takes daily breathing treatments and chest therapy along with weekly IV fluids.

Hi! I’m Ritamarie Theiler and have long known about the benefit animals bring to our lives. As a teen, I had surgery to correct scoliosis followed by nine months in a body cast. During this time I had many dogs, cats and horses who loved me and helped guide me through the recovery. Without my animals around me, I’m sure this would have been a very depressing and difficult time in my life.