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Just recently I made the journey to NEADS in Massachusetts, a two and a half hour drive with my parents, to go for an interview for a service dog. I came into this knowing that I was ready to have a service dog but was unsure about the outcome of this trip. Was I going to get accepted? Were there going to be any barriers set in front of me? I felt as if I were going into a world of the unknown. Fast forward: I had the interview, shared my feelings and thoughts about how the dog would change my life for the better and was accepted to get a dog!

My name is Thomas Ketcham and I was diagnosed with MS in October of 1999. I was only 29 at the time working in a private group home as a counselor helping to take care of the developmentally disabled. I was having vision problems (Optic Neuritis). I was seeing double and not really seeing a lot out my left eye. My neurologist quickly diagnosed me with MS and began aggressively treating with a five course high dosed IV steroids. My vision improved but my left eye never came back 100 %. I will say that at that time I went through a real emotional roller coaster. I spent about three weeks out of work before returning. I had a few minor MS related problems but my MS was stable and I was able to continue working. I worked in the field working my way up to supervisory position up until 2012. At that time, I had a bad flare up. I started have some balance problems and right side weakness. I was unable to return to work and had to go on permanent disability.

Hi there, my name is Grace Kong and I was diagnosed with autism at 2 ½ years old. I am almost 8 years old now and have come a long way, but I am still non-verbal and face many life challenges as I continue to grow into a young lady. My parents did a lot of research and we visited the NEADS organization early this year and met their wonderful and dedicated staff. We also met Jake, a Black Labrador Retriever, who I immediately bonded with and put me at ease. My family and the NEADS organization agreed that I could really benefit tremendously from the consistent companionship of a service dog. My family would greatly appreciate your support in helping me fundraise for a service dog that would provide a calm presence in preventing my meltdowns and frustrations, helping me with my irregular sleep habits. Thanks in advance as my parents and I look forward to welcoming our newest member to the family.