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I have had moderate to severe hearing loss since birth. I have always strived to be independent and not have my hearing loss be the driving force of my life. I am a School Psychologist, so my professional life is dedicated to advocating for children with special needs and supporting their families and teachers.

Hello, my name is Alyssa DeFazio. I am a sophomore in college at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT/NTID), in Rochester, New York. I have been hearing impaired my entire life and now, I wear two cochlear implants. I received one in July 2004 and the other in July 2010. When I wear both of my implants, I function very well in the hearing world and can hear almost everything. However, when I take them off, such as when I sleep or shower, I cannot hear anything at all. It is completely silent in my ears; I cannot hear even a sound, peep, or beep. When I am sleeping, I go into a deep deep sleep and am unable to wake up to alarms clocks, even with vibration. Even three vibrating alarm clocks do not wake me! I even sleep through fire alarms! This really frightens me and my family. Even with my cochlear implants, I still am unaware of sounds like keys dropping or cars approaching in parking lots.

Michelle was born profoundly deaf and has identified herself as being culturally Deaf. She attended Gallaudet University and received her doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology.  When not working, Michelle is active and enjoys the outdoors of New England. She can often be found hiking, running and camping during her down time.

Gradually becoming deafer, Cynthia needs a hearing dog to alert her to everyday sounds such as alarms and phone calls. Without her hearing aids, she can barely hear anything.

Born deaf, Kathleen would like a hearing dog to alert her to sounds she would otherwise not hear.

I am Samantha (21 years old) and I have a progressive connective tissue disorder (Stickler Syndrome) that affects my hearing, my vision and my joints. I have moderate/severe hearing loss in both ears. I’ve worn hearing aids since I was seven months old. I am very nearsighted and have worn glasses since I was 13 months old. I have also had extensive joint pain since I was two years old. Looking at me you would never know anything is wrong because I look “normal” I have been accepted to receive a NEADS hearing dog – YEAH!!

Courtney grew up with a hearing loss that is progressive. She needed a new hearing dog as soon as she lost Texas, her first hearing dog. 

Please donate today to support 31-year old Jill Hatcher’s dream of having a hearing dog. Jill was born with a genetic mutation that caused profound bilateral hearing loss. Today, Jill relies on two hearing aids to hear some sounds but even with her hearing aids, Jill is unable to hear essential sounds, such as approaching sirens, tea kettles, stove timers, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire alarms from neighboring apartments.

Hello, my name is Jackie Marcoux and I am a senior at the University of Hartford looking to pursue a career in either student affairs in higher education or theater. I was diagnosed at 4 and a half years old with a moderate to severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and have been wearing two hearing aids ever since. In the past few years my hearing has begun to fluctuate. On those days I wake up being unable to hear anything except for loud noises. Therefore, I made the decision to acquire a service dog. This is especially important because the fluctuations are becoming a more regular occurrence.

All my life I've struggled with hearing loss. I was affected with juvenile otosclerosis and the loss got so bad that in my teens I had bilateral stapedectomies performed. That means they did surgery on each ear and replaced a non working bone with a prosthetic piston. This “fix” worked well for a while and I lived a wonderful young adulthood with decent, passable hearing. In the early 2000's my hearing began to fade again. I ignored it in the beginning. I had a wonderful fulfilling job as an EMT Intermediate on a 911 truck and I volunteered on my local ambulance. I was Chief for 6 years. Life was good. I chose not to believe that I was again losing my hearing. Sadly, eventually I couldn't deny it. Relationships with co-workers were struggling because I would misunderstand people and patients were not getting the best patient care they deserved. I eventually resigned from my position since I felt I wasn't doing my job at 100%, the patients deserved better.

Adam wants to have a hearing dog to help him in his daily life. He wants to protect his family from danger by hearing warning sounds such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, sirens. He cannot hear any high-pitched sounds, so he misses much of what is going on around him.

Hi my name is Jessica Sinclair and I am a third year student at Rochester Institute of Technology, studying Journalism. I am trying to raise funds for a Hearing Dog to help me to live independently. I am currently working at Walmart Store, part-time while attending school, in hopes of earning funds towards my goal of acquiring a Hearing dog.

I am extraordinarily lucky to live a full independent life despite my moderate hearing loss. I have a rewarding professional career as an engineer, lived overseas, traveled often, done so much. My passions include travel, photography, hiking and sports where I often am alone. I have developed a growing awareness of my limitations, as much as I don't let them stop me from living life. Unfortunately, I came to head with the limitations of my hearing loss. I've missed hearing the arrival of emergency personnel in my building, I've had many scares where I didn't hear something or someone behind me until too late. Most recently, I was recently robbed and held up for several hours at gun point in my hotel room. The police suspect the robber ran up from behind me and with my loss, I never heard him until it was too late.