Sumer Gill

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My name is Sumer Gill. Fun fact about me-I am partially deaf. I have been diagnosed with genetic and progressive vestibulocochlear nerve deafening which means I have problems hearing. This is most likely due to a condition that I have, Turners Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that I was born with and that comes with several health problems including; Osteoporosis (brittle bones), a heart murmur (one of my valves is incomplete), hypothyroidism, and of course my hearing issues.

My condition has not slowed me down as I am about to finish college with a bachelor degree from Northern Illinois University with plans to continue to graduate school and get my masters soon. In the future, I hope to pursue my career, marry my fiancé, and start a family.

Ever since I was a baby I had constant ear infections that got to the point of my ear drums nearly exploding.  I had several surgeries to put tubes in to help with this issue.  Because of this I was not able to have an accurate hearing test till I was 20. At this point my whole life changed.  I was now required to wear hearing aids and the uncertainty of the future was scary.  I was told they don’t know how my hearing loss will progress.  It was hard to grasp that I could stop hearing music or my future children and grandchildren`s laughter.  At this point, I decided to act by getting my hearing aids and I am currently learning sign language.  

After I got my hearing aids I noticed I was having troubles distinguishing and locating sounds thus I decided that a hearing dog would be an awesome idea especially since I love dogs and animals in general.  I began doing research and here we are today. I am excited for my new NEADS Service Dog for hearing and look forward to all the years we will have together. Thank you for your support.