Taylor Pratley & Milo

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Taylor is our bright 8-year-old daughter.  When she was 18 months old she was diagnosed with autism. We began Early Intervention and had ABA therapists in our home for countless hours. Taylor has always loved dogs, horses, dinosaurs and dragons. As Taylor got older her presentation of autism improved and her current diagnosis is Aspergers. Over the last couple of years, we have noticed high levels of anxiety and depression. We brought her in for help where she was then diagnosed with both of these as well as a mood disorder.

Taylor wants to be social so badly. She wants to be able to go places and have friends. However doing any activity easily overwhelms her. She is unable to participate in outings with the family or attend get-togethers in the community. She gets overwhelmed by all the stimulation and will have a melt down or try to wander off. When I heard about NEADS, I knew that it would be the perfect program for her. With her love for dogs and desire to be able to do things that other kids do, I thought it would be a perfect fit. Thank you for helping Taylor’s dreams come true!