Ardis Mayo & Dekker

From: Hampden, ME
Program: Service Dog
Minimum Goal: $12,000 | Amount Raised:$8,050

This is my service dog, Dekker and me, taking a break from one of our daily walks. I have had MS for many years and encouraging me to continue to walk is one of the biggest gifts Dekker gives to me.  He is non-plussed by the gravity field around me, retrieving the many things I drop, opening and closing doors and summoning help when I need help. This was critical one day last winter when I fell on the ice and he stayed by my side until help arrived. With his support, I was able to find vertical again and my sense of safety rose to new heights.

Because of people like yourself who have read my bio and responded so generously I have met my minimum goal of $8000. However….my commitment to raise funds isn’t finished as long as there are others still struggling to meet their goal. I have requested to stay present on this page, and ask that all monies donated in our name (Dekker and I) be donated to clients who haven’t yet met their minimum. 

I would be so grateful if you became part of Team Dekker for the benefit of others and I will thank each of you personally for your generosity. 

With more gratitude than I can fetch….even with a service dog…..Thank you!!

Ardis & Dekker

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