Hearing Dog

Allie Vega

Hi my name is Alexzandra Vega. People often knows me as Allie. I am a deaf mom of two beautiful children ages 6 and 2. I am also a full time student and a Relief worker helping individuals with developmental disabilities. I am trying to work my way up in life for myself and my…

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Gabrielle Mcinnis

Hi, my name is Gabrielle Mcinnis. I was born 16 years ago. I was 11 weeks premature. A med-flight took me to DHMC. My lungs were not developed and I was septic. I went into cardiac arrest three times in my first few hours. My parents were told to get to the hospital as soon…

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Nicole Laabs

Hi there, and thanks for visiting my page!   I am the mom of three children between the ages of 5 and 11 (two of whom also have hearing loss). I was diagnosed with hearing loss when I began school at age 5.  Due to the poor, old fashioned technology that was available at that time,…

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Janet Stitt

I’m the one with the veil. 1981. My husband ended up wearing that veil by the end of that night and we have been together since.  But it’s been thirty-seven years since that day and all our lives have taken unforeseen turns. My pal in the picture has since succumbed to the cancer that plagued…

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Megan Freeman

Hi, my name is Megan Freeman. I have just graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Management Information Systems. A unique fact about me is that I am deaf. Navigating college was a challenge but I didn’t let that stop me. I successfully graduated college with honors for my grades. During college,…

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Jessica Sinclair

Hi my name is Jessica Sinclair and I am a third year student at Rochester Institute of Technology, studying Journalism. I am trying to raise funds for a Hearing Dog to help me to live independently. I am currently working at Walmart Store, part-time while attending school, in hopes of earning funds towards my goal…

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Joseph Sala

It’s been a long time and a long way since being a daily runner and a passionate fan of classical music, even owning my own stereo components store. Hello everyone. My name is Joseph Sala. It has been for me a fortunate life having a number of varied and, I believe, successful careers. Toward the…

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Tia Maxson & Millie

My name is Tia Maxson. I cannot begin to tell you how much Millie, my Service Dog for hearing, has made a positive impact on my life. Millie has enriched my life in ways beyond what I could have ever imagined. I am single sidedly deaf in one ear and have 20% hearing loss in…

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Audrey Kirkpatrick

Let me just start by saying – thank you for your time. I have had hearing issues for several years but I still like to walk, garden, swim, and lead an active life.  A NEADS Service Dog for hearing would help me do that. Having a Service Dog would allow me to continue living my…

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Sumer Gill

My name is Sumer Gill. Fun fact about me-I am partially deaf. I have been diagnosed with genetic and progressive vestibulocochlear nerve deafening which means I have problems hearing. This is most likely due to a condition that I have, Turners Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that I was born with and that comes…

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