Service Dog

Lenore Lupie

Hey there. I’m Lenore and that’s Mo, my family dog. I am striving to get back my independence. To that end, I’m moving into my own adapted apartment. I will be living alone for the first time since I became a quad 4 years ago. I find my biggest challenge to be DROPPING things. This…

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Jack Gerard

I’ve always wondered who I will be, but it’s always interesting to gather yourself and explain who you are to others.  I feel as though I’ve become good natured, and always full of laughs.  I know there is much to journey towards but I’m living in the present pushing for an independent future. I grew…

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Talia Ze’evi

Hi, my name is Talia Ze’evi and I am 9 years old.  I am a little girl who desperately wants to perform in plays and in dance recitals, sing and play instruments in concerts, speak with new people I meet and have and enjoy all the experiences a typical nine-year-old girl enjoys – I am…

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Jeffrey Zwearcan

They call me Jeff, and my current service dog is “The Dude.” We have just retired after thirty-five years of working for the State of Massachusetts. At fifteen years of age, Dude is no longer able to perform many helpful tasks which have helped me to maintain my independence, as I have been confined to…

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Beth Hendrickson

Hi, my name is Beth Hendrickson. I am 36 years old and began life 14 weeks early as a micro-preemie weighing 1 lb 9 oz. I been called a fighter and got through this early trauma seemingly unscathed. Always full of energy, I began gymnastics as a three year old and took it on seriously…

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Kathryn Bruttomesso-Clarke

Kathryn Bruttomesso-Clarke has been fighting chronic illnesses for 17 years. When she was younger she was a pre-professional dancer who danced with the Donetsk Ballet of the Ukraine and with the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. She had to quit dancing because of the pain from her chronic illnesses. She has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome,…

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Kathleen Smith

My name is Kathleen Smith and I live in Oxford, MA  I have been an amputee since I was 11 years old from bone cancer. I always walked with an artificial limb and I was always very active I even climbed trees in my younger years. About 18 years ago I had a serious fall…

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David Robertson

Hi my name is David Robertson. I live in Melrose, Ma. I have had multiple sclerosis since I was 41. The onset of the disease forced me to retire from a career as a pipe fitter for local union 537 . I am slowly becoming unable to pick up anything below my waist including my…

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Daniel Hermanski

My name is Daniel Hermanski Sr. I am sixty three years old, the father of three grown children. For 37 years, I lived a normal life. Then in 1992, I became a paraplegic due to a stroke or bleed in a tiny blood vessel in my spinal cord. Besides paraplegia, l also have Parkinsons and became a widower…

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John Stuhl

My name is John Stuhl, I am 48 years old, and have spent the last twenty seven years confined to a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down. On September 01, 1991, I suffered a spinal cord injury, a T-12 burst fracture, and the impact of the fall caused my lower vertebrae to burst, severing my…

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