Client Stories

NEADS brings together a community of puppy raisers, prison inmates, on-staff trainers, and others to produce a highly trained Service Dog who is then matched with someone to mitigate a specific disability.

There is nothing more telling about the successful and lasting human-animal partnerships this community creates than the stories of the lives these World Class Service Dogs change.

Thekla and Social Dog Keely

We could never have begun to imagine the wonderful, strong bond that Thekla and Keely would forge. Thekla was matched with Keely about a year and a half ago. Keely is Thekla’s best friend. She is loyal, she comforts when sad; shares joy; gives love unconditionally. Keely helps Thekla navigate socially when out and about.…

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Patricia and Courthouse Facility Dog Willis

Willis has helped tremendously since he came onboard. I can tell countless stories, but one in particular stands out. Willis was on the stand with a 13-year-old girl who had to testify against her father’s abuse. She bonded with Willis and it made it easy for her to talk with the Prosecutor and me about…

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Christine and Courthouse Facility Dog Ann

The excellent training of a NEADS dog becomes the most valuable thing in a handler’s life. I know this whole experience has changed my life, and the lives of those I work with every day. – Christine and Courthouse Facility Dog Ann

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Mark and Service Dog Skipper

When I first found out that NEADS had a Service Dog for me, I will admit that I got excited, but when I was told his name was Skipper, I knew as a Navy Veteran this match was meant to be. After two weeks of training, I came home with Skipper, and although I knew…

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