Gabrielle Mcinnis

From: Rochester, NH
Program: Hearing Dog
Minimum Goal: $8,000 | Amount Raised:$8,093

Hi, my name is Gabrielle Mcinnis. I was born 16 years ago. I was 11 weeks premature. A med-flight took me to DHMC. My lungs were not developed and I was septic. I went into cardiac arrest three times in my first few hours. My parents were told to get to the hospital as soon as possible to say goodbye. Mom came by ambulance. Everyone had to be quiet around me and I could not be held. Any, stress could cause more problems. My parents were asked if they wanted to stop life support. They were told that I would likely not walk, talk, feed myself, use the bathroom etc… My parents didn’t care.

I had heart surgery at 14 days old, and started to gain strength. I was able to be held by my parents. My early birth caused a brain bleed, that blocked my ventricles. I had a shunt placed in my brain at five months old, to relieve the pressure on my brain. My Mom and Dad said I was like a different baby after that surgery. I was more alert and responsive.

My parents first noticed my hearing was a problem when I was three months old. We were grocery shopping and getting a giant unicorn balloon. The employee over filled the balloon and it exploded. I didn’t flinch. At 3 months old I was diagnosed with profound hearing loss in my left ear  and severe to profound  in my right. I also have auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, ADHD, and sensory problems.

Here  I am Walking, talking, running, and being active. I have done so much more than anyone thought I could, I am a fighter. That does not mean there are not challenges. It is very difficult being a teenager and never knowing what is going on around you. People are not always patient, and do not always repeat. I cannot get myself up, answer the phone, the door, etc. Going out on my own and doing normal teenage stuff does not happen.

I know a service dog would help me to overcome many of these challenges.  I believe my service dog will change my life forever!!

Thank you all so much for every donation.

*NEADS clients pledge to raise a minimum of $8,000 for the organization, thus allowing us to fulfill our mission of placing Service Dogs with individuals who benefit from them the most.  Each donation ensures that NEADS will continue to change lives with our World Class Service Dogs.

Gabrielle McInnis

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