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Abby Stavitsky & Pepper

Abby Stavitsky has over 20 years’ experience as a federal criminal prosecutor in the District of Columbia, primarily handling child abuse, domestic violence and sexual offenses. Her Assistance Dog, Pepper, helps victims, witnesses and first responders throughout the D.C. criminal justice system.   *NEADS clients pledge to raise a minimum of $8,000 for the organization,…

Allie Vega

Hi my name is Alexzandra Vega. People often knows me as Allie. I am a deaf mom of two beautiful children ages 6 and 2. I am also a full time student and a Relief worker helping individuals with developmental disabilities.

I am trying to work my way up in life for myself and my children, and having a hearing dog will help me become more aware of my surroundings and would be a beautiful addition to our family.

Angelia Meyer & Tyson

Hello!  My name is Angelia Meyer.  I am an Occupational Therapist at NFI Evolutions, an intensive residential treatment program for adolescents suffering from severe mental illness in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Evolutions is an organization filled with incredible, compassionate, empathic individuals who have dedicated their life’s work to aiding youth who have seen more hardship in their…

Ardis Mayo & Dekker

This is my service dog, Dekker and me, taking a break from one of our daily walks. I have had MS for many years and encouraging me to continue to walk is one of the biggest gifts Dekker gives to me.  He is non-plussed by the gravity field around me, retrieving the many things I…

Arthur Greenslade

Bill and Ted’s excellent adventures Hi my name is Ted, and Bill is my service dog.  Bill and I have worked together for the past 11 years. He’s been my best friend, confidant,and companion for so long it saddens me that Bill can no longer perform his duties as a service dog.  So now, it’s…

Audrey Kirkpatrick

Let me just start by saying – thank you for your time. I have had hearing issues for several years but I still like to walk, garden, swim, and lead an active life. A NEADS Service Dog for hearing would help me do that.

Having a Service Dog would allow me to continue living my life in the way that I enjoy. There are times when I am unable, or unwilling, to participate in activities because of my hearing loss. For instance, I like taking walks but I don’t always do so because when people come up behind me I can’t always hear them and that can be frightening.

Beth Hendrickson

Hi, my name is Beth Hendrickson. I am 36 years old and began life 14 weeks early as a micro-preemie weighing 1 lb 9 oz. I been called a fighter and got through this early trauma seemingly unscathed. Always full of energy, I began gymnastics as a three year old and took it on seriously…

Blaze Fox

My name is Mary Fox and I have a beautiful boy named Blaze. Blaze is 9 years old and like most 9-year old’s, he loves to play on computer and shoot bow and arrow. However, Blaze isn’t like most 9-year old’s. Blaze began to have health and behavioral issues that were extremely abnormal for a…

Courtney Chmura & Banks

Hi everyone! I started my journey with NEADS back in 2014.  I loved making handmade jewelry with my friends and family and everyone wanted to be a part of helping me reach my fundraising goal. We would have beading nights around my kitchen and dining room tables, ladies from the church would come over to…

Courtney Wang & Darcy

My name is Courtney Wang. I’m an occupational therapist at Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center, a neuro rehabilitation facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Galaxy is an amazing community of therapists and brain injury survivors who all work together to meet each survivor’s goals. Our clinic is very different than most. Our founding therapist, Meg, started…