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Erin Sullivan & Harry

Hi! My name is Erin Sullivan. I have been a clinician and school adjustment counselor for almost 20 years. My favorite population to work with is teenagers. Currently, I am a school adjustment counselor at Millis High School. MHS is a small public school with about 400 students. In my role there, I work to help support the students through the school day and their lives. It is a rewarding job that I am passionate about…

Gabriel Altland

We have been blessed with three children, all of whom have unique needs. Gabriel, our oldest and only son, has autism spectrum disorder. Most people are not aware of his daily struggles and hardships. We have learned so much, been stretched past our comfort zone, became advocates over the past nine years. Autism just doesn’t…

Gary Grimes

Hi! My name is Gary Grimes and I am a Chaplain working on a hospice team in the western Massachusetts area. We work with patients who have been diagnosed with a chronic disease and have made a decision to receive no more intensive treatment.  This does not mean that the patients have decided on death.…

Hanae Witkum

Hi, my name is Hanae! I just turned 16 and got the best birthday wish ever. My parents applied for a Service Dog for me through NEADS! We went on an interview which I was very nervous about – I get teary sometimes when I have to talk about myself – and we were accepted onto the wait list!

Isaac Lewis

Isaac is an 11-year-old boy who loves cars, babies (both animal and human), Legos and video games. He is a very bright and friendly 6th grader who loves math and history and also happens to struggle with Autism and ADHD. He is a caring brother to his two younger sisters (he would also like me to note that they can be really annoying)…

Jack Gerard

I’ve always wondered who I will be, but it’s always interesting to gather yourself and explain who you are to others.  I feel as though I’ve become good natured, and always full of laughs.  I know there is much to journey towards but I’m living in the present pushing for an independent future.

Jake Williams

My name is Jake Williams. I live north of Boston Mass and  I’m 9 years old.  While I appear to just struggle a little to most people,  sometimes my anxiety and social skills get the best of me.     I suffer from  Autism which affects my understanding of social cues and norms, severe anxiety, and…

Jeff Bolduc

Hello. My name is Jeff Bolduc and I am a Guidance Counselor at Melrose High School. While working in a high school setting for the past 13 years, I have seen wonderful changes in learning and development. However, I have also seen a greater need for social emotional support. 

Jeff Legendre

Post Traumatic Stress and suicide are on the rise for First Responders. Programs such as Critical Incident Stress Debriefing teams are in place for first responders, but day to day responder stress has to be addressed in the fire station or police department.. The mission of the Bolton Fire Department is to have an assistance…

Jennie Gould

I am an Episcopal priest and Board Certified Chaplain, and have worked as one of the chaplains at Boston Medical Center (BMC) since 2002.  BMC is a safety net hospital; in other words, it accepts patients who are uninsured and under-insured.  Often the patients I visit are the people who inhabit the very margins of society. Our patients are struggling with a host of issues: limited or no English, poverty, food insecurity, homelessness, trauma, profound loss, and addiction.   Many appreciate a chaplain visit since the luxury of therapy or counseling isn’t an option for them. ..

Jennie Williams & Danny

Danny is a classroom dog who works every day at a therapeutic day school in Southeastern Massachusetts.  Danny initially came to the school to offer support to students in Kindergarten through grade 8.  Within weeks of coming to the school in August 2017, Danny was in high demand and working with students in all four schools in the building.  This includes students of all ages with multiple disabilities and challenges. 

Jennifer Thompson

I have dealt with chronic illness and I have also gone through the criminal justice system myself. I know firsthand what a NEADS dog can provide to those experiencing difficulties engaging with formal systems. For 10 years now, it has been a goal of mine to bring peace, comfort, and support to those experiencing trauma…

Jessica Lappin

I am Jessica Lappin from Norton, Massachusetts. I was born with a disability called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (short for AMC). I’m very grateful that I got accepted into NEADS service dog program since I always wanted a dog when I moved to my own place. Last fall, I got my own apartment and it is…

Joanna Lubkin

Caring for and supporting others have always been core values of mine. And I live with several disabilities and chronic illness that can get in the way of me contributing all I came to this world to give. A service dog would be an amazing gift of support, companionship, independence, and a life lived on my own terms,…

Joanne Sykes

Joanne Sykes is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor working with close to 600 5th and 6th grade students in the Town of Falmouth, MA. She has worked as an educator, counselor, and mentor for over 16 years and has continued her own professional development, receiving a Masters of Emergency Management in 2017…

John Stuhl & DJ

DJ Has changed my life, made the mundane fun and every challenge we conquer taste even sweeter!!

Jordan Gouthro

Jordan is a 12 year old boy who loves baseball, football, and animals. He is a very sweet boy who struggles with autism, severe anxiety, ADHD and OCD, among other things. This makes everyday life very hard for him. Jordan has a very hard time in school, and also has difficulty with outside activities and making friends.

When we came for our interview at NEADS, Jordan’s whole demeanor changed and he was instantly calm. That’s when I knew we had to make this happen. Being matched with a NEADS Service Dog is going to be truly life changing for him.

Katelynne Steinke & Jones

My name is Katelynne Steinke, and I am a 29 year old Paralympic hopeful, though truth be told I’m very close to the big 30. In November of 2008, I was in a car accident that severely injured my left leg. After two years of trying to salvage the limb, doctors made the decision to amputate above the knee. I immediately got involved with adaptive sports and worked for Spaulding Rehab in their adaptive sports programming. I applied for a dog in August 2016, and was matched with a male yellow lab named Jones.I’m very grateful for this amazing gift. Jones knows he is responsible for me, just as I am responsible for him.  I am safer because of him.

Kathleen Smith

My name is Kathleen Smith and I live in Oxford, MA  I have been an amputee since I was 11 years old from bone cancer. I always walked with an artificial limb and I was always very active I even climbed trees in my younger years. Almost 10 years ago I was matched with the wonderful service dog Lucy.  She made my life whole again and we went everywhere together.  She passed away February 26 2018, and now I am on the waiting list at NEADS for a new partner…

Kathryn Bruttomesso-Clarke

Kathryn Bruttomesso-Clarke has been fighting chronic illnesses for 17 years. When she was younger she was a pre-professional dancer who danced with the Donetsk Ballet of the Ukraine and with the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. She had to quit dancing because of the pain from her chronic illnesses. She attends Bard College at Simon’s Rock and aspires to be a doctor. She also enjoys painting and drawing; her art is available for sale. 

Jessica is a former student...and an incredibly inspirational woman. I know having this dog will help her achieve even more goals!

Supporting Jessica
Service Dog

I’m so impressed with your persistence and determination.

Supporting Jacob
Service Dog for a Child

Your journey is inspirational! Your Service Dog will add joy and independence which you richly deserve.

Supporting Diane
Service Dog

I'm so glad to see Joanne bringing in a pup into our school because we know first-hand how much dogs can help kids in need. 

Supporting Joanne
Assistance Dog for the Classroom

Paying it forward so the person behind you can have a dog already in training and getting ready as the person in front of you did for you. I know the person who is getting a dog from this program and it’ll make a world of difference to her.

Supporting Jessica
Service Dog

Sending love and light to you all.

Supporting Jacob
Service Dog for a Child

Ellen is an amazing person; I do hope she is able to find another service dog to replace Maggie. Maggie has been truly a life saver and perfect companion to Ellen.

Supporting Ellen Smith
Service Dog

As the older sister of a brother with Autism and obsession with Labradors, Lola (my black lab) and I couldn't be more pleased to help Isaac reach his goal. We wish you well in your journey.

Supporting Isaac
Service Dog for a Child

I am so excited for you! A dog will give you so much assistance and let you feel safe all the time. I can’t wait to meet your dog.

Supporting Jessica
Service Dog

In memory of Mike, who loved animals and children. He had many nieces and nephews with one of them being on the Autism Spectrum. We look forward to hopefully seeing you around town with your new pup. 

Supporting Jacob
Service Dog for a Child

Maggie and Ellen are an incredible team and I know this transition will be bittersweet. Hugs and love to you both and thank you for all you do!!

Supporting Ellen Smith
Service Dog

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