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Donna Kerr & Lily

Since I’ve gotten Lily my life has gotten so much better!  I have become more independent and sure of myself.  It’s wonderful to have someone around all the time to help me,  sometimes without even having to ask.  It’s like we’ve been partnered a lot longer than just a couple months. …

Erin Sullivan & Harry

Hi! My name is Erin Sullivan. I have been a clinician and school adjustment counselor for almost 20 years. My favorite population to work with is teenagers. Currently, I am a school adjustment counselor at Millis High School. MHS is a small public school with about 400 students. In my role there, I work to help support the students through the school day and their lives. It is a rewarding job that I am passionate about…

Gabrielle McInnis

Hi, my name is Gabrielle McInnis. I was born 16 years ago, 11 weeks premature. My parents first noticed my hearing was a problem when I was three months old. We were grocery shopping and getting a giant unicorn balloon. The employee over filled the balloon and it exploded. I didn’t flinch…

Hanae Witkum

Hi, my name is Hanae! I just turned 16 and got the best birthday wish ever. My parents applied for a Service Dog for me through NEADS! We went on an interview which I was very nervous about – I get teary sometimes when I have to talk about myself – and we were accepted onto the wait list!

Isaac Lewis

Isaac is an 11-year-old boy who loves cars, babies (both animal and human), Legos and video games. He is a very bright and friendly 6th grader who loves math and history and also happens to struggle with Autism and ADHD. He is a caring brother to his two younger sisters (he would also like me to note that they can be really annoying)…

Janet Stitt

I’m the one with the veil. 1981.

My husband ended up wearing that veil by the end of that night and we have been together since. But it’s been thirty-seven years since that day and all our lives have taken unforeseen turns. My pal in the picture has since succumbed to the cancer that plagued her for years and I struggle with autoimmune troubles that in the past, resulted in kidney failure and an autologous (but successful) bone marrow transplant for lymphoma.

Now I am facing a significant and continual loss of hearing that threatens many aspects of my life.

Jeff Bolduc

Jeff Bolduc

Hello. My name is Jeff Bolduc and I am a Guidance Counselor at Melrose High School. While working in a high school setting for the past 13 years, I have seen wonderful changes in learning and development. However, I have also seen a greater need for social emotional support. 

Jeffrey Zwearcan

They call me Jeff, and my current service dog is “The Dude.” We have just retired after thirty-five years of working for the State of Massachusetts. At fifteen years of age, Dude is no longer able to perform many helpful tasks which have helped me to maintain my independence, as I have been confined to a wheelchair for some time.

Jennie Gould

I am an Episcopal priest and Board Certified Chaplain, and have worked as one of the chaplains at Boston Medical Center (BMC) since 2002.  BMC is a safety net hospital; in other words, it accepts patients who are uninsured and under-insured.  Often the patients I visit are the people who inhabit the very margins of society. Our patients are struggling with a host of issues: limited or no English, poverty, food insecurity, homelessness, trauma, profound loss, and addiction.   Many appreciate a chaplain visit since the luxury of therapy or counseling isn’t an option for them. ..

Jennie Williams & Danny

Danny is a classroom dog who works every day at a therapeutic day school in Southeastern Massachusetts.  Danny initially came to the school to offer support to students in Kindergarten through grade 8.  Within weeks of coming to the school in August 2017, Danny was in high demand and working with students in all four schools in the building.  This includes students of all ages with multiple disabilities and challenges.