Name a Puppy

With a $2,500 tax-deductible donation to the NEADS Name-a-Puppy Program, you can name one of the new eight-week-old arrivals entering the Laura J. Niles Early Learning Center at NEADS.

Puppies live at the center until they are 16 weeks old in order to learn basic behavioral skills. After the age of 16 weeks, the puppies enter our Prison PUP Program for training. About 12-18 months later they return to the NEADS campus for advanced training.

Name-A-Puppy benefits include:

  • Photographs throughout the puppy’s socialization and training
  • Behavioral and training updates throughout the puppy’s socialization and training
  • Notification when the dog is matched with a human partner who is deaf or has a disability
  • An invitation to the dog’s graduation, during which you will get to meet the dog’s handler. You get to see the Service Dog Team in person!

Puppy naming guidelines

Names must not sound like basic commands, such as “no,” “down,” or “sit.” Be creative, but be respectful of the puppy, the puppy trainer and the puppy’s future handler. NEADS reserves the right to reject names that it deems unsuitable, inappropriate or offensive.

Your donation will name one puppy only and does not include any form of ownership rights to the puppy. Funds donated to Name-A-Puppy cannot be restricted for a specific client or type of Assistance Dog (i.e., Hearing Dog, Service Dog, Assistance Dogs for Veterans dog) since the dogs must mature before we can determine their particular area of strength. Not all puppies have the aptitude or temperament to become an Assistance Dog. Should a puppy not complete the program, your funds will be redirected to support an Assistance Dog Team in the next graduating class, and your contribution will be recognized as such.

Download a PDF of the Name a Puppy Registration here.