Raise Funds for NEADS

What is it?

Community Fundraising is when a group or individual holds an event or promotion on behalf of NEADS, where NEADS has no financial responsibly and little to no staff involvement.

Who can do it?

  • Individuals
  • Community Groups
  • Companies
  • Schools
  • Clubs

How it helps?

Community Fundraising helps NEADS by providing valuable resources and awareness to support our efforts to provide independence to people who are Deaf or have a disability through the use of canine assistance.


5 Easy Steps

  1. BRAINSTORM ideas for your fundraising event promotion or activity
  2. VISIT - http://neads.org/get-involved/raise-funds-neads
  3. REVIEW - Raising Funds for NEADS Guidelines
  4. COMPLETE the Fundraising Application online.
  5. If approved, GET STARTED!

Plan and implement your event, promotion, or fundraising activity. NEADS will help by providing you with:

    • A Fundraising Toolkit
    • A NEADS liaison
    • Other support as needed