Ardis Mayo & Dekker

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Here I am with Dekker, my new service dog.  For many people, great matches are made in heaven but this match was made at NEADS and couldn’t be more perfect.  One of Dekker’s most important tasks is to keep me moving and we take long walks every day, regardless of the weather. I walk slow…he walks slow. I stop...he stops. I drop things...he picks them up. Dekker doesn’t tie my shoe laces (yet) but if I need to bend down he gives me the support I need to stand back up without losing my balance. These are only a few of the ways Dekker serves me and eases the challenges of MS in my life. 

I needed a dog who is happy not only in the great outdoors and in the community but also with my lifestyle as a musician.  He actually slept through his first loud symphonic band rehearsal with me. With the musicians at church he occasionally yawns between hymns but never moves from his appointed spot. Dekker goes with me to a variety of other groups where he  brings a healing joy with his quiet gentle presence and big brown eyes. When Dekker works, he works hard. When he plays with my friend’s Golden Retriever he plays hard, and when he is not doing either, he sleeps hard. 

Dekker and I are grateful for everyone who has donated towards my fundraising goal of $8000.  You have brought two lives, one canine, one human, together as an unstoppable team of love.