To become a NEADS volunteer, please view the opportunities below, then fill out our online application. Please note that our volunteer opportunities and needs fluctuate throughout the year, so we may not have an opening that immediately matches your area of interest.

See information on raising a puppy.

Weekend Puppy Sitter

Weekend Puppy Sitters take puppies out of the NEADS Early Learning Center during the weekends to expose them to life in a home. The Sitter is matched with a puppy from the Early Learning Center but will not likely take the same puppy home for multiple weekends. Due to the puppy's young stage of training and the very short commitment of the puppy sitters, the sitter will not be allowed to take the puppy into places of business like restaurants, stores, hospitals, etc. Please note that to be considered for a puppy sitter volunteer opportunity, you must complete the puppy-sitter-specific application through the link below.


  • Providing adequate daily exercise as recommended by your NEADS trainer
  • Providing a safe, healthy and loving environment for the puppy
  • Following NEADS guidelines and procedures as outlined by the puppy program

Weekend Puppy Sitters vs Weekend Puppy Raisers

Which Role is Right for Me?

Volunteer Position:Weekend Puppy SittersWeekend Puppy Raisers
Pick up/Drop off:NEADS Campus, PrincetonPrison
Commitment:1 weekend per monthEvery weekend for 12-18 months
Dog:Different puppy each weekend you volunteerSame dog every weekend from same prison
More Information:For more information about Weekend Puppy Sitters, including FAQs, click here.For more information about Weekend Puppy Raisers, click here.

The Weekend Puppy Sitter application process starts with a pre-qualifying questionnaire:

Weekend Puppy Sitter
Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire

Puppy Raiser Online Application

Download the Weekend Puppy Raiser application here


Click here for the Landlord Consent Form.

Early Learning Center (Puppy House) and Kennel Volunteer

Volunteer support is critical to building a solid foundation for the dogs' service dog training.


  • Walking and playing with dogs, including monitoring puppy play groups if in the ELC
  • Assisting staff with facility daily operations, which includes laundry and kitchen tasks as well as thoroughly cleaning the ELC and Kennel
  • Communicating with staff about dogs' behavior and health 

We need reliable, enthusiastic people that are willing to help care for our adorable puppies and dogs!

For FAQs, including detailed information about scheduling, please click here.

To fill out an application, click here:

Volunteer online Application

For information, please send inquiries to the Kennel Supervisor.

NEADS State Representatives

The NEADS State Representative is a 2-hour per week volunteer position. Your duties will be performed in your own state/region at your home or office. NEADS will provide education, scripts and DVDs to train you for public speaking events.


  • Provide information about NEADS over the telephone. (NEADS will provide you with a separate phone line with a customized ring so calls can be answered professionally.) Give presentations at media events.
  • Give information to potential clients about NEADS.
  • Market for potential clients in your area.
  • Promote NEADS in your local area at timely events and in donation campaigns.
  • Record all contact you have with media or any publicity about NEADS and submit on a yearly basis.

For more information, please contact our Communications Department.

NEADS Internship Opportunities

Read about our Internship Opportunities here.

Professional, Creative and Administrative Opportunities

We encourage people to engage in a volunteer activity that draws upon their natural talents and interests. We welcome volunteers who can help with the items listed below.

  • Event support
  • Retail sales and merchandising
  • Photography and videography
  • Education
  • Ushering at our graduations
  • Administrative work
  • Groundskeeping
  • Graphic design
  • Phone support

If you are interested in volunteering for NEADS, please fill out the online volunteer application below. Please note that our volunteer opportunities and needs fluctuate throughout the year, so we may not have an opening that immediately matches your area of interest. 

Volunteer online Application