Janet Stitt

From: Jamestown
Program: Hearing Dog
Minimum Goal: $8,000 | Amount Raised:$6,611

I’m the one with the veil. 1981.

My husband ended up wearing that veil by the end of that night and we have been together since.  But it’s been thirty-seven years since that day and all our lives have taken unforeseen turns. My pal in the picture has since succumbed to the cancer that plagued her for years and I struggle with autoimmune troubles that in the past, resulted in kidney failure and an autologous (but successful) bone marrow transplant for lymphoma.

Now I am facing a significant and continual loss of hearing that threatens many aspects of my life.

As for my husband, I realize how much I depend on him to pick up my hearing slack; funny things from ‘What’s that noise?’ (dryer, microwave, doorbell, etc.) to the way he so gently grabs me by the scruff of my neck when I cross the street and I don’t hear a car coming. I have no hearing in my right ear and my hearing aid and transmitter cause all sound to seem as if it is coming from the left. Too bad the cars won’t play along! He has saved me more than once.

In my working life, I am a clinical social worker for the Navy and the hearing I have left allows me to continue counseling veterans, active duty personnel as well as their families to navigate the unique challenges particular to their military service. It is work I hope to continue.

My job is to help others, so in an odd way asking for help is difficult for me.  But I remind myself that as valuable as a working dog will be for my safety, I know that my clients will absolutely love and benefit from the gentle, calming presence of my new dog as well.

A working dog comes with as much responsibility as reward and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of this program.

*NEADS clients pledge to raise a minimum of $8,000 for the organization, thus allowing us to fulfill our mission of placing Service Dogs with individuals who benefit from them the most.  Each donation ensures that NEADS will continue to change lives with our World Class Service Dogs.

Janet Stitt

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