Jennie Williams & Danny

From: South Dennis, MA
Program: Assistance Dog
Minimum Goal: $8,000 | Amount Raised:$0

Danny is a classroom dog who works every day at a therapeutic day school in Southeastern Massachusetts.  Danny initially came to the school to offer support to students in Kindergarten through grade 8.  Within weeks of coming to the school in August 2017, Danny was in high demand and working with students in all four schools in the building.  This includes students of all ages with multiple disabilities and challenges.  Danny provides a calming influence for the students with anxiety and mood challenges, he is a friend who never judges for the students with autism and other social pragmatic challenges and he is a soft and soothing influence for kids with sensory integration problems.  Walking with Danny is a wonderful motivator for students with physical disabilities, some of whom have worked all year in occupational therapy just to be able to grip his leash.  For other students, walking with Danny is a way to safely cope with a frustrating situation.  Danny has gone to reading lessons, therapy groups, sat with students while they took the MCAS and he attends art with our high school students every morning.  Danny simply being present makes all aspects of school more possible for our students.

Almost daily, someone comments about how amazing Danny is.  I, of course, agree given that I think he is the greatest dog in the world!  In all seriousness, the quality of his training and the care that was taken to match him with me and our school is evident on a daily basis.  He is calm, exceptionally well behaved and obedient all day long at school.  He also loves to snuggle with the students, loves attention and has trained everyone to know where his treat pouch is!  He is wonderful with other dogs and frequently charms people who typically tell me they “don’t like big dogs”.  Danny has such a positive impact on our school community each day and we are grateful to have him at our school.

Danny V

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