Jennifer Thompson

From: Austin, TX
Program: Assistance Dog
Minimum Goal: $8,000 | Amount Raised:$229

I have dealt with chronic illness and I have also gone through the criminal justice system myself. I know firsthand what a NEADS dog can provide to those experiencing difficulties engaging with formal systems. For 10 years now, it has been a goal of mine to bring peace, comfort, and support to those experiencing trauma.  

I was accepted in to the NEADS family just before Thanksgiving 2018. Indeed, I have so much to be thankful for – including everyone who is reading this, and who will donate to support me in this endeavor. You are helping to change the world and lives, thank you! I was lucky enough to have a precious dachshund, named Riza Choriza, for 15 years who was my companion through so many challenges and trials. After the hardest goodbye of my life two years ago, I knew the time was right to pursue a facility dog. 

I am a researcher, a victim advocate, and a law enforcement trainer. I research interpersonal violence, gender-based violence, crime victimization, and trauma-informed response practices. My area of focus is the criminal justice system. I also train law enforcement officers across the country. I am excited to be able enhance our research, as well as helping to support our local campus police department in their engagement with our campus community, in addition to being able to support victims through their police interview process as a victim advocate. It is my hope that by serving victims and those experiencing trauma, that I will also be able to reduce the impact of vicarious trauma for those who work within the criminal justice system.

I have also been involved for nearly a decade with a group that promotes best practices among facility dogs, particularly those used within the criminal justice system. I know what a privileged position I will be in to have such a loyal and compassionate partner to work with me every day. I look forward to the day that I meet my partner, but I already know this – that we will change the world in ways that are only possible because of a NEADS canine partner.

*NEADS clients pledge to raise a minimum of $8,000 for the organization, thus allowing us to fulfill our mission of placing Service Dogs with individuals who benefit from them the most.  Each donation ensures that NEADS will continue to change lives with our World Class Service Dogs.

Jennifer Thompson

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