Success Stories

Tina Marie & Hearing Dog Whimsey

April 2013

"Whimsey has made a tremendous change in my life. Anybody that calls me, she's taking me right to that person that calls my name. And when the trainer had showed me what she had done, I was floored. Literally happy. She's with me 100% of the time, and I can't...

Peter & Service Dog Keddy

November 2012

"A friend of mine told me I won the lottery when I got my dog Keddy, and that sure is how I feel."

Pat & Service Dog Shadow

November 2012

"My last service dog, Jamie, I found out about six weeks before she died that her kidneys were failing. Once she left me people said I was just wandering around Pittsfield like a half a person. I was lost. When I brought Shadow home they said, now that stupid silly grin...

Gus & Hearing Dog Casey

November 2012

"First of all, I want to thank not only the people from NEADS but everyone who understands how meaningful these dogs are to us, how they assist us every day.  But the best thing I can give you is an example of how I need her.  I am on dialysis...

Reverend Jane & Service Dog for the Ministry Ginger

November 2012

"Ginger truly is a match made in heaven.  She is a beloved partner in ministry, and she makes me a better person, and she brings joy and welcome and love to the people of our congregation.  She has so many duties around the church, but has become so popular that...

Jordan & Facilitated Service Dog Patriot

November 2012

"Two years ago we embarked on the effort to get Jordan a Service Dog.  I don't think we as a family knew how much the dog would really mean to us.  Within the first three days he became a member of our family.  Jordan is 16 and we're allowing him...

Randy & Service Dog Jethro

November 2012

"Growing up in a small town of Vermont I get asked a lot of questions about Service Dogs. There aren't that many around. The first question is, what is NEADS?  So I tell them it's a wonderful organization.  But the first thought, the first thing that comes to my mind...

Erin & Service Dog Freedom

November 2012

"Freedom is my first Service Dog.  She keeps my independence.  She is there as a guide if I'm home alone, so I'm not afraid.  We've done lots of things together.  We've gone to almost every concert at Indian Ranch over the summer.  We got to meet Brett Michaels.  And we...

Christine & Hearing Dog Addie

November 2012

"I want to thank NEADS profusely for matching me up with Addie.  It's a perfect match.  She's loveable.  She's laid-back.  She does her job, what she's supposed to do.  She wakes me up in the morning with licks on my face, and she knows I don't want to get up...

Elaine & Service Dog Rudy

November 2012

"Her training...yes, she's a dog, but she's perfect.  She helps me to get up, to stand up when I fall down.  She's just everywhere.  The one thing she has brought to me the most is safety.  I feel safer now I have her with me. I want to thank my...