Success Stories

Louis & Social Dog Moonstone

November 2012

"My name is Louis and I'm ten years old, and this is my dog and she is almost two.  She is my buddy.  She makes me feel safe, confident.  I want to thank everyone at NEADS, my family, and my friends for this amazing gift."

Nickolay & Social Dog Ellie

November 2010

"Hi, my name is Nick Stewart and my dog's name is Ellie. We got Ellie in July and she's been with us for four months. Ellie is loveable and cheerful. She is my best, best friend. We like to play ball with each other. We also play with her rope...

Christopher & Service Dog Perry

November 2010

"I broke my kneecap while in Iraq and I had surgery and countless hours of physical therapy and things, and then I also have post-traumatic stress disorder, and Perry was assigned to me to help me with my knee problems. He picks things up for me. He can turn on...

Brian & Social Dog Willow

November 2010

"Willow is a great addition to our family. Whether walking around town or taking trips for ice cream she's always there and encouraging more and more friends to meet Brian. She's patient and kind, and teaching us to be more patient. We are better able to teach Brian to wait...

Jodi & Service Dog Max

June 2010

"My last service dog passed away in April, 2009, after working together with me for 11 years. Her name was Maxine. The day I was told my new service dog's name was Max, it was Maxine's way of saying I'm watching over you. Since Max and I have been home...

Robert & Service Dog for Therapy Tommy

June 2010

"What's wonderful about Tommy is that he's able to touch so many children's lives with psychiatric disabilities. He's the first dog at New York State to be a full-time employee where he visits kids with mental illness and trauma. The impact he's had on the hospital and the children in...

Deb & Hearing Dog Rusty

June 2010

"I am very emotional because my whole life is changed completely for the better. With Rusty, I come to realize how much I miss out because I didn't grow up in a hearing world. And I feel really blessed to have him listening for me. He alerts me to a lot...

Heidi & Service Dog Mercury

June 2010

Five years ago, I was given an identity that I did not choose: disabled. Wheelchair bound, critically ill, deaf. Once again, society decided what a person like this can and cannot do. What happened to mother, wife, nurse, professional? Doesn't matter who I used to be, now I'm disabled. In society's eye,...

Kayne and Service Dog Nikki

Nikki has been with me for about a year now. She has changed my life dramatically, and...