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Meet that Raiser – Patricia Lage

Patricia has been a puppy raiser since August 2016. She has raised 3 Hearing Dogs, Nettie, Juniper & Berry who have all been placed with their clients and her current Hearing Dog in Training is Patty.

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Meet that Raiser – Barbara Laderman

Barbara is now raising her 7th puppy.

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Meet that Raiser – Colleen Whelpley

I, along with my husband Larry, have been a puppy raisers since 2007. We have raised 11 puppies, 9 service dogs, 1 furloughed and raising Barley now.

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Meet that Raiser – Annette McBride

Annette has been a raiser for 6 years and has raised 7 pups.

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Meet that Raiser – Shawna Graham

Shawna Graham has been a raiser for 7 ½ years and have raised 17 dogs- this includes a couple of one week fill in stints (including long term, short term, and furloughed dogs).

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Meet that Raiser – Anne-Marie Chernosky

Anne-Marie Chernosky has been a WPR since 2008 and I am working on dog #19. Sharon, Patch, Logan, Nesa, Betty, Angel, Apple, Mason, Tippy, Sunbeam a.k.a. Sunny, Lincoln, Griffey, Honey, Monty, Truman, Manny, Elliott, Harper, Lucy and last, but not least, Huxley.

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Meet the Staff: Erin Moloney

From Our Blog All Posts All About Service Dogs Ask the Vet A Year in the Life Breeding Program In the Community In Their Words Meet that Raiser Meet the Staff NEADS Nation Service Dog Fraud Supporter Spotlight Year of the NEADS Dog Meet that Raiser – Patricia Lage Patricia has been a puppy raiser…

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Grained or Grain-Free Food?

NEADS periodically receives questions from our clients regarding the national discussion about the health effects of grain-free dog food versus grained dog food. The research is conflicting about this topic. As some of our clients know, for a time NEADS provided our dogs with grain-free dog food. We are now transitioning our dogs to grained…

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Spring allergies – your pets can get them too!

The flowers of spring may be in full bloom, but so are the allergies that go along with the season. Many pet owners do not realize that dogs and cats can suffer from seasonal allergies just like humans, therefore, the veterinarians from BluePearl Veterinary Partners say this is a great time to consider how allergies…

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77th Graduation Celebrates 16 New Service Dog Teams

NEADS held its 77th Graduation in April at Monty Tech to celebrate its newest Service Dog teams. This spring’s graduating class represents a wide range of NEADS Service Dogs, including Service Dogs for Veterans, Service Dogs for individuals with physical disabilities, Service Dogs for Hearing, and Assistance Dogs for professionals in classroom, ministry, and hospital…

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