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Jonesy – “Making Each Day Better”

When 5th grade counselor Christine Brouillard works with students, she’s got extra help: a gentle yellow Lab named Jonesy. It’s been a year and a half since NEADS Assistance Dog…

veterinarian examines a puppy

All Eyes On… Dr. Clara Williams

At NEADS, the health and well-being of our dogs is crucial. From the moment they arrive on campus, our dogs have consistent health monitoring that includes routine care, vaccinations, orthopedic screenings, and eye exams.

puppy in a crate

Milkers Help with Crate Training

Smith’s Country Cheese in Winchendon, MA, milks their own cows to make delicious cheese, everything from Smoked Gouda to Chili Pepper Cheddar. The rubber milking liners (“milkers”) that are used…

black labrador puppy

Meeting Benson, NEADS Service Dog in Training

If you’ve attended Sunday Services [at First Parish in Wayland, MA] recently in person, you may have met Benson, a handsome NEADS Service Dog in Training. He is accompanied by Luke Rubin, who, along with his wife, Megan, are Benson’s Puppy Raisers…

Dr p

Recognizing a NEADS Champion: Dr. Christine Pelletier

Dr. Pelletier, better know around NEADS as “Dr. P,” recently announced her retirement from the three volunteer commitments she held at NEADS: Medical Director, member of the Board of Directors,…

yellow service dog sitting with 5 people

Celebrating our Spring 2022 Graduates, Part 2

We are planning our next live graduation April 2023, at which time we will celebrate three classes, including our Spring 2022 graduates. In the meantime, we very much want to…

patterson foundation logo

Supporting the Mission: The Patterson Foundation

Powerful connections are made through NEADS Nation. The Patterson Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Patterson Dental, has been a generous donor to NEADS. Most recently, the Foundation supported the NEADS…

Knight at an ocean dock (1)

Raising a Superhero: Sue Feit and Knight

“It’s really rewarding to help prepare a dog to be a superhero,” muses NEADS board member and volunteer Sue Feit. And she knows: as Weekend Puppy Raisers, Sue and her…


Changing a Life: Patrick and Service Dog Knight

It’s been a year now since Patrick met Service Dog Knight. Patrick still works as a specialist at an Apple Store. He still lives in his North Shore condo. His…