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My Dining Room is Now a Nursery

In early March, Nursery staff welcomed Frannie, a pregnant brood* from Guiding Eyes to campus and whelped** her litter. They expected the next 8 weeks to unfold as they typically do with any of our litters…


Ask the Vet: 5 Things to Know about Pet Dental Health

February is National Pet Dental Health month, and while taking care of our pets’ teeth is a year-round effort, this is the perfect time to understand the important role oral health care plays in our pets’ health. Thanks to Dr. Cathryn Cleveland, veterinarian at Ashland Animal Hospital, Ashland, MA and NEADS volunteer, for this information.


What to Look for in a Service Dog for Veterans Program

Here are some key features to look for when evaluating a Service Dog for Veterans program and how the NEADS programs measure up.


Building Community at NEADS with Quilts of Valor and Blue Star Mothers

NEADS is proud of its partnership with three organizations who are integral to the NEADS community: the Blue Star Mothers of Leominster and Worcester, and Quilts of Valor. The Blue…


What’s in a Name? The Stories Behind the Puppies I’ve Named

By Wendy Bowers NEADS has a very special place in my heart, and let me tell you why. In order to do so, let’s start at the very beginning. I…

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The History of NEADS Service Dogs for Veterans Programs

In May of 2006, NEADS was invited to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center outside Washington, D.C. to give a presentation about the many skills and tasks that our dogs…

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Ask the Vet: Prevent Pets from Packing on the Pounds

A majority of pets in the U.S. are suffering from a serious condition that not only shaves years off their lives but can also dramatically reduce the quality of the…


It Takes an Extraordinary Dog…

“It takes an extraordinary dog to give someone an ordinary life.” – Katelynne Steinke and NEADS Service Dog Jones

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A Caring Community Opens Its Doors to NEADS Service Dogs in Training

When NEADS brought several puppies to Trinity Church in Concord (MA) to introduce weekend puppy raising to the congregation, Stephen and Jen Newbold knew right away it was something they wanted to be part of.

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Ask the Vet: Six tips for avoiding that holiday trip to the pet hospital

We’ve all eaten too much food at some point during the holidays, but most of us will not try an appetizer of tinsel or a main course of turkey bones.

Pets are a different story. Every year at this time, dogs and cats start swallowing some ill-advised holiday foods — and things that aren’t food at all. So the staff at BluePearl Veterinary Partners, which has animal hospitals in more than 20 states, are expecting to see the usual influx of pets during this holiday season.