Tia Maxson & Millie

From: Merced, CA
Program: Hearing Dog
Minimum Goal: $8,000 | Amount Raised:$4,268

My name is Tia Maxson. I cannot begin to tell you how much Millie, my Service Dog for hearing, has made a positive impact on my life. Millie has enriched my life in ways beyond what I could have ever imagined. I am single sidedly deaf in one ear and have 20% hearing loss in the other. There were many things I struggled with before having Millie at my side. For example, I often wouldn’t wake from my alarm in the morning, causing me to be late to work day after day.

The benefit that a Service Dog can bring to a person with a disability can only be understood fully by someone who has experienced that for themselves. I didn’t truly understand how much Millie would enrich my life every minute of every day.  I expected her to be of immense help in alerting me to sound and giving me greater environmental awareness, but the love, support, confidence, security, and peace her presence has given me is the icing on the cake.

Millie performs many daily tasks for me such as: alerting me to the alarm clock, kitchen timer, phone, smoke detector, door knock, emergency-vehicle siren, someone calling my name, and dropping my keys. She’s trained to pick up the keys and hand them to me which is helpful due to my physical limitations.

Each NEADS Service Dog costs over $42,000 to acquire and train and I have been asked to raise $8,000 to help offset this cost.  I’m doing everything that I can to meet this goal so that those clients who come after me will be able to reap the same amazing benefits that I have with Millie.  My grandchildren are even donating their pennies towards this cause!  Please consider making a donation to NEADS on behalf of Millie and me.  Every little bit counts and every penny is appreciated!

*NEADS clients pledge to raise a minimum of $8,000 for the organization, thus allowing us to fulfill our mission of placing Service Dogs with individuals who benefit from them the most.  Each donation ensures that NEADS will continue to change lives with our World Class Service Dogs.

Tia Maxson II

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