Fundraising FAQ – October 2020

Q:  Who should I ask to donate?

A:  This is pretty much the most basic question in fundraising.  It’s something that every individual, group, and organization must think about in order to run a successful fundraising campaign.  So…who do you ask?  The answer is that you can ask anyone.  They may say “no” and that’s perfectly okay.  The more people that you ask the better the chances are that someone will say “yes”.

Start out by asking people that you know to donate or to help you spread word about your fundraising which may encourage others to donate.  A donation is great but just because someone is unable to donate doesn’t mean they are unable to contribute in other ways.  If you tell the people that you know that you are fundraising for NEADS and ask them to share that info. with people that they know, you’ve just created a very large group that is aware of your fundraising and odds are that some of those people will donate…play those odds! Clients are often surprised by how effectively this system works and how many contacts their friends and families actually have.

Many clients fear that they simply don’t know enough people. The fact is that most of us have far more connections in our lives than we realize.  Take a look at this Who Can I Ask? check list from the Client Resource Center to help you plan who to contact.

Millard Fuller-founder of Habitat for Humanity