NEADS Annual Reports

Sources and Uses of Funds for Operations

Operating revenue
    General fees and contributions$2,348,298$2,323,410
    Contributed goods, services and property228,354242,247
    Grants and foundations1,320,544608,355
    Interest income1,8671,498
    Investment gains (losses)75,173187,620
    Other income23,53139
    Net assets released from restrictions--
Total support and revenue$3,997,767$3,363,169
Operating expenses
    Training program$2,576,322$2,489,473
    Management and general304,236216,588
Total expenses$3,098,016$2,882,500
Change in net assets$899,751$480,669
Net assets, beginning of year$7,838,859$7,358,190
Net assets, end of year$8,738,610$7,838,859