Assistance Dogs

for Professionals in Counseling, the Classroom, Ministry, Hospitals, and Courthouses

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Assistance Dogs

NEADS® Assistance Dogs are partnered with teachers, therapists, those who perform religious ministry and those who work in courthouse and hospital settings. Working alongside their human partner, Assistance Dogs interact with many people. The presence of these steady, well-trained dogs can humanize a stressful situation, have a calming effect, and help build trust.

NEADS Assistance Dogs are placed with counseling professionals ranging from therapists to ministers, as well as with professionals in classroom, hospital, and courthouse facilities. The Assistance Dogs are owned by the individual handler, not by a school, business or religious institution. The primary handler is responsible for the care and costs associated with the dog, as well as the upkeep of the dog’s training. Assistance Dogs usually “work” during the day with their partner and then go home at night to be an “off-duty” family pet. There are so many things an Assistance Dog can do, and NEADS is happy to help teachers, therapists, courthouse and hospital employees, and ministers determine how to best utilize an Assistance Dog with their clients.

The process to receive a NEADS Service Dog involves multiple steps. Start the process by taking our Prequalifying Questionnaire to find out if an Assistance Dog is right for you.

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