NEADS Service Dogs for Veterans

NEADS Service Dogs for Veterans Programs

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Service Dogs assist veterans with a physical disability by performing tasks to assist their partner. They accompany their partners wherever they go. Service Dogs can help with all kinds of tasks, including the following:

  • Retrieve objects from tables, counters, floors
  • Turn light switches on and off
  • Push elevator/automatic door buttons
  • Stand and brace for stability during a transfer
  • Barking on command for help
  • Get a cordless phone in an emergency

Service Dogs for Hearing are specifically trained to help veterans who are deaf or have hearing loss. Hearing Dogs alert their partners to sounds around the home and in public, including the following:

  • A knock at the door
  • A smoke detector
  • An alarm clock
  • A cell phone ringing
  • The sound of their partner's name being called
  • Keys being dropped

The process to receive a NEADS Service Dog involves multiple steps. Start the process by taking our Prequalifying Questionnaire to find out if a NEADS Service Dog is right for you.

More about NEADS Service Dogs for Veterans

NEADS offers fully-trained Service Dogs for United States veterans who have a permanent physical disability or hearing loss, or have MS or other progressive conditions. These disabilities do not need to be service related.