Mission, Vision & Values


NEADS World Class Service Dogs Change Lives


By investing in the success of our valued clients, employees, dogs, and volunteers, we will provide life-changing partnerships and ensure the success of each Client/Service Dog team through a process of continued quality improvement.

We will educate the public about the rights and responsibilities of legitimate Service Dog teams and use our position as a leader in the industry to advocate for these rights.



We strive to meet the highest professional standards in all our organizational endeavors.


We create life-changing partnerships through passionate, highly focused attention to the well-being, purpose breeding, and training of our dogs.


We recognize that internal and external collaboration plays a vital role in our success and are committed to working in partnership with staff, clients, volunteers, and donors.


We respect and highly regard our clients, dogs, staff, volunteers, and donors. We strive to understand the unique abilities and needs of each client and each dog to create life-long partnerships. We are committed to the wellbeing and success of our staff; treat our volunteers as valued contributors; and use our donors’ money judiciously.

Updated 10/2022

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