Vision & Values

Vision & Values


  • ensure the continued fulfillment of our mission by tirelessly increasing our number of client-dog teams, improving the efficiency of our training processes, cultivating current and new revenue sources, implementing rigorous financial controls and nourishing the wellbeing of our valued employees and dogs.
  • build upon our history, by continuing to foster a rewarding experience for our clients, while remaining engaged and invested in their welfare and success.
  • continuously transform ourselves through innovation in the evolving world in which we operate, adapting to changes in training techniques and equipment, legislation, and the recognition of new types of disabilities.
  • play a dual role as a leader in education: we will teach our clients how to maximize the partnership with their assistance dogs, and we will teach those who interface with our clients how assistance dogs provide empowerment and independence.


We are an honorable organization that embraces integrity in all that we do. This is manifested through our commitments to honesty, trust, sincerity and transparency.


We are passionate about the welfare of our dogs and the independence that they provide to those they assist.


We recognize that collaboration plays a vital role in the successful fulfillment of our mission. We depend upon and appreciate the supportive individuals and organizations who work with us in the spirit of teamwork and partnership.


We care about our clients’ wellbeing, and strive to provide the level of support that each person needs by being thoughtful in our service.

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