NEADS® trains a wide range of Service Dogs and Assistance Dogs to meet the needs of people with a variety of disabilities or hearing loss. 

Service Dogs for Adults and Children with Physical Disabilities

Our Service Dogs assist people by performing everyday tasks like picking up dropped items, opening doors, and more. Learn more.

Service Dogs for Hearing

Our Service Dogs for Hearing are specially trained to alert human partners to the source of a sound. Learn more.

Service Dogs for Veterans

Our Service Dogs for Veterans (formerly Canines for Combat Veterans) program is designed to help the growing population of veterans who could benefit from canine assistance. Learn more.

Service Dogs for Children with Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities

Service Dogs assist children between the ages of 8-12 who are on the autism spectrum or who have other developmental disabilities. Learn more.

Assistance Dogs - Classroom, Hospital, Courthouse, Ministry and Therapeutic Settings

Our uniquely trained Assistance Dogs can be incorporated into a professional's practice to engage and inspire their community. Learn more.