NEADS Service Dog and Assistance Dog Programs

NEADS® trains a wide range of Service Dogs to meet the needs of people with a variety of disabilities or hearing loss. NEADS Assistance Dogs are matched with professionals in classroom, courthouse, hospital, ministry, and therapeutic settings.

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For adults and children with physical disabilities, our Service Dogs assist with tasks like picking up dropped items, opening doors, and more.

Our Service Dogs for Hearing are specially trained to alert human partners to the source of a sound such as a door knock, alarm clock, traffic, and their name being called.

NEADS matches Service Dogs with US veterans who have a permanent physical disability, are deaf, or who suffer from profound hearing loss. The Trauma Assistance Dog program (TAD) is designed for veterans who carry a diagnosis of PTSD from trauma that occurred during active duty.

NEADS Service Dogs assist children ages 8-12 with socialization, fine and gross motor skills, and behavioral skills.

NEADS Assistance Dogs are partnered with professionals in classroom, ministry, hospital, courthouse, and therapeutic settings.