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Abby Stavitsky & Pepper

Abby Stavitsky has over 20 years’ experience as a federal criminal prosecutor in the District of Columbia. Her Assistance Dog, Pepper, helps victims, witnesses and first responders…

Allie Vega

Hi my name is Alexzandra Vega. People often knows me as Allie. I am a deaf mom of two beautiful children ages 6 and 2. I am also a full time student and a Relief worker helping individuals with developmental disabilities.

Angelia Meyer & Tyson

Since Tyson has joined me on my clinical team at the Intensive Residential Treatment Program, he has instantly created an environment of joy and encouragement.

Arthur Greenslade

Hi my name is Ted, and Bill is my service dog. Bill and I have worked together for the past 11 years. He’s been my best friend, confidant,and companion for so long it saddens me that Bill can no longer perform his duties as a service dog. So now, it’s time for Billy to kick back and enjoy retirement.

Beth Hendrickson

Hi, my name is Beth Hendrickson. I am 36 years old and began life 14 weeks early as a micro-preemie weighing 1 lb 9 oz. I been called a fighter and got through this early trauma seemingly unscathed. I was later diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome…

Betsy Hamill

My name is Betsy. I’m married and have three children all in their 20’s now. In 2007 I took a medication and had a severe reaction with numerous side affects. Over the years my health declined and in 2012 I received a diagnosis of Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS).

Blaze Fox

My name is Mary Fox and I have a beautiful boy named Blaze. Blaze is 9 years old and like most 9-year old’s, he loves to play on computer and shoot bow and arrow. However, Blaze isn’t like most 9-year olds.

Courtney Chmura & Banks

Everything happens for a reason, we don’t always understand why. I have come to believe my accident happened to bring Banks into my life and to bring me to NEADS so that I could help other clients with their fundraising.

Courtney Wang & Darcy

My name is Courtney Wang. I’m an occupational therapist at Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center, a neuro rehabilitation facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Galaxy is an amazing community of therapists and brain injury survivors who all work together to meet each survivor’s goals…

David Kelly

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1988, so I have been fighting this disease for many, many years. I was recently assigned a Service Dog named Radcliffe. I have been through the two-week training with him at the NEADS campus and am looking forward to many years of help from him. One very important task that Radcliffe does for me is to pick things up that I have dropped. Over the years, this has become very difficult for me to do and having Radcliffe help me has preserved my energy to complete more of my daily living tasks on my own…

Diane Bertolino

Hi, my name is Diane Bertolino and I live in Natick, Ma. I grew up loving and playing all sports and was always very active until 19 years ago when I was diagnosed with CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) after an accident, which has left me on crutches and other medical equipment.  Since then I…

Donna Kerr & Lily

Since I’ve gotten Lily my life has gotten so much better!  I have become more independent and sure of myself.  It’s wonderful to have someone around all the time to help me,  sometimes without even having to ask.  It’s like we’ve been partnered a lot longer than just a couple months. …

Emma Faye Rudkin

Emma Faye is getting a hearing dog! This dog will help navigate Emma Faye’s everyday tasks and traveling as a deaf individual. She is excited to add into this beautiful adventure a canine companion. They will sign/speak &bark to 100’s of people together!  

Erin Sullivan & Harry

Hi! My name is Erin Sullivan. I have been a clinician and school adjustment counselor for almost 20 years. My favorite population to work with is teenagers. Currently, I am a school adjustment counselor at Millis High School. MHS is a small public school with about 400 students. In my role there, I work to help support the students through the school day and their lives. It is a rewarding job that I am passionate about…

Gabriel Altland

We have been blessed with three children, all of whom have unique needs. Gabriel, our oldest and only son, has autism spectrum disorder. Most people are not aware of his daily struggles and hardships. We have learned so much, been stretched past our comfort zone, became advocates over the past nine years. Autism just doesn’t…

Gabrielle McInnis

Hi, my name is Gabrielle McInnis. I was born 16 years ago, 11 weeks premature. My parents first noticed my hearing was a problem when I was three months old. We were grocery shopping and getting a giant unicorn balloon. The employee over filled the balloon and it exploded. I didn’t flinch…

Hanae Witkum

Hi, my name is Hanae! I just turned 16 and got the best birthday wish ever. My parents applied for a Service Dog for me through NEADS! We went on an interview which I was very nervous about – I get teary sometimes when I have to talk about myself – and we were accepted onto the wait list!

Isaac Lewis

Isaac is an 11-year-old boy who loves cars, babies (both animal and human), Legos and video games. He is a very bright and friendly 6th grader who loves math and history and also happens to struggle with Autism and ADHD. He is a caring brother to his two younger sisters (he would also like me to note that they can be really annoying)…

Jack Gerard

I’ve always wondered who I will be, but it’s always interesting to gather yourself and explain who you are to others.  I feel as though I’ve become good natured, and always full of laughs.  I know there is much to journey towards but I’m living in the present pushing for an independent future.

Jeff Bolduc

Hello. My name is Jeff Bolduc and I am a Guidance Counselor at Melrose High School. While working in a high school setting for the past 13 years, I have seen wonderful changes in learning and development. However, I have also seen a greater need for social emotional support.