Service Dog Fraud

It Takes an Extraordinary Dog…

“It takes an extraordinary dog to give someone an ordinary life.” – Katelynne Steinke and NEADS Service Dog Jones

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The growing crackdown on fake service animals

by Steve Friess

NEADS Director of Development, Cathy Zemaitis, was interviewed for this article about fake Service Dogs on

In Connecticut last week, a state legislative committee heard testimony about a proposal to slap a $150 fine on anyone who misrepresents their pet as a service animal…

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DOT Seeks Public Comment about Amending the Air Carrier Access Act

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is seeking input on its regulations for traveling with service animals during a 45-day public commenting period. The goal of their revisions is to ensure that individuals with disabilities can safely travel with animals they rely on for assistance, while also preventing fraud by travelers claiming their pets as service…

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CBS6 Investigates: Service dog fraud

by Torie Wells, CBS6, NY NEADS Director of Development, Cathy Zemaitis, is interviewed for this news story about the issue of service dog fraud. Service dogs make independence possible for many in the Capital Region. The law allows these highly-trained helpers to go just about everywhere a human can. But a growing trend is posing…

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Why We Need National Certification to Address Service Dog Fraud

Recent stories about Service Dog fraud and peacocks on airplanes highlight the critical need for a nationally recognized, legitimate Service Dog certification. The Air Carrier Access Act combined with the loosely structured wording of the ADA have resulted in a system ripe for scamming. Who wouldn’t want to save $125 by bringing their pet onboard…

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New Requirements for Delta Airlines Passengers Traveling with Service Dogs and Support Animals – Our Take

Delta Airlines recently made the news with its new travel documentation requirements for customers traveling with service and support animals. According to a statement released by Delta, “this comes as a result of a lack of regulation that has led to serious safety risks involving untrained animals in flight. The new requirements support Delta’s top…

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No support for fake service animals

Boston Globe Editorial BOSTON (BOSTON GLOBE) – We increasingly face a menagerie in public places, part of a trend that suggests person and pet are inseparable. Animal lovers grow bolder by the day, often claiming the animals provide essential emotional comfort. What’s the harm of sharing an airplane cabin with a pig, right? Problem is,…

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