DOT Seeks Public Comment about Amending the Air Carrier Access Act

May 15, 2018

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is seeking input on its regulations for traveling with service animals during a 45-day public commenting period. The goal of their revisions is to ensure that individuals with disabilities can safely travel with animals they rely on for assistance, while also preventing fraud by travelers claiming their pets as service dogs.

The DOT is considering such questions such as:

  • Whether to treat psychiatric service animals the same as other service animals, such as for the blind and deaf.
  • How to distinguish emotional-support animals from other service animals.
  • Should they require emotional-support animals to travel in containers, or with a harness or leash.
  • Should they define the types of animals qualifying as emotional-support animals.
  • Should they prohibit airlines from requiring veterinary health forms or immunization records for service animals.

You can find more information and submit your comments here. The more NEADS Nation voices heard the better!