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What NEADS Dog Are You Most Like?

Many factors go into matching a NEADS Dog with its human partner. NEADS dogs are trained for 15 to 18 months, during which time our trainers take a close look…


International Assistance Dog Week

It’s International Assistance Dog Week, and during this week, NEADS is helping raise awareness and educate about these amazing dogs by answering our most frequently asked questions about Service Dogs. You can help by sharing with others. 


Let’s Go to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Support for our Let’s Go coloring book donation program has been incredible. You purchased enough copies that we have now sent 200 books to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. This is…


Hospitalization and Recovery during a Pandemic

The pandemic has been difficult for all our TAD* veterans, but one client in particular, Rebecca, found herself in an extremely tough situation. A few months prior to the pandemic, she had to make the hard decision to have her second leg amputated. She had only had her Service Dog, Sully, for about 4 months at that time and was clearly worried about what to do with him while in the hospital…


Connecting in a Time of Isolation

When Covid-19 hit, we knew that connecting with as many clients as possible was important, particularly the veterans with PTSD in our Trauma Assistance Dog (TAD) program. Talking to these veterans, it was apparent that the isolation and stresses of quarantine, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing brought on by the pandemic was getting to them…


VA Service Dog Benefits

You are eligible to apply for the VA Service Dog Benefit if the reason you have the Service Dog is service-connected. The Service Dog must also be provided to you by a fully accredited organization through Assistance Dogs International (ADI) for PTSD, Hearing, and Physical Service Dogs, or International Guide Dog Federation for Guide Dogs.

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NEADS – Here for Veterans

A message from NEADS Program Development Administrator to all our veteran clients and applicants.

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If Vegas Could Talk

When Harvard University closed its campus in mid-March, Full-Time Puppy Raiser and Harvard student Amanda had to return home. Vegas is now living with NEADS Trainer Magen Blake, where he is continuing the work he started with Amanda. Amanda wrote Vegas a parting letter, and we’ve written what we imagine would be his reply if he could talk.


Checking in on Frannie’s Litter – Week 4

Checking in on Frannie’s litter, week 4.


Checking in on Frannie’s Litter – Week 3

Checking in on Frannie’s litter, week 3.