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The Making of a NEADS Service Dog Team

The Dogs

Most NEADS dogs are purpose-bred for temperament, health and personality traits best suited for service dog work. Some NEADS Hearing Dogs are acquired from animal shelters and rescue groups.

Dog Training

NEADS Dogs are trained to perform tasks and behave obediently through the use of positive reinforcement and clear leadership. We select dogs that are natural followers, so it is easy to guide them into choosing appropriate behaviors.

Matching Process

The more we understand about your lifestyle and expectations, the better we can pair you with a dog that fits with you. The route to a lasting partnership includes an online application and a comprehensive in-person interview.

Client Training

Clients spend one to two weeks at the NEADS campus learning how to work and live with their new Service Dog. Our trainers work closely with the new partners to ensure the match is a strong one.

The Service Dog Team

NEADS is invested in the success of each Service Dog team, and offers ongoing support for the life of the dog. Clients can contact us any time, and they do.

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