The Importance of Your Fundraising Page

Your NEADS fundraising page can be an amazing resource if used properly.  The pages are designed to be user friendly, visually appealing, and easily sharable to social media.  Their purpose is to allow you to share your story, educate people about NEADS, and connect with donors.  The best way to accomplish all of this is to fully fill out your page with content.  A few things to aim for…

  1. Your main photo should be clear and properly sized. You want it to stand out to donors and not be blurry or hard to see.
  2. Make sure the first few lines of your story (bio.) are interesting! Potential donors will only see the first three lines as they scroll through the fundraising pages on the NEADS website.  These three lines are meant to grab the reader’s attention so that they want to click the link to read more, and once they click that link then they are on YOUR fundraising page.  Check out Katrina’s page for a great example of how to use those first few lines to your advantage.
  3. Add updates! I cannot stress this enough.   Every time you add an update a notification email will automatically go out to everyone who has donated through your page in the past.  This is a wonderful way to keep people informed about your progress, and it’s also a great way to share info. about NEADS.  Take a look at Sheila’s page for some stellar examples of update usage.  I particularly like how she incorporates info. about NEADS into her updates.  Sheila watches our social media pages, and reads our blog, and she uses these resources to flesh out her updates.  And as you can tell by the amount that she’s raised, her methods are working…she crushed her fundraising goal and she’s still going!
  4. Use your page to thank donors. You can add an update with a nice photo and a thank you message (like Edison) or you can add a fun video to say thanks (like Megan )

The more content you can add to your fundraising page the more your page will stand out and that translates to donations.

* Tip – always make sure to share your page to social media every time you add an update!