Winter Fundraising

We did it!  We survived the holiday season and all the shopping, planning, celebrating and indulging in treats that go with it. Now it’s time to get down to business and think about some winter fundraising! The winter may seem like a tough time to fundraise due to the bad weather and the strong desire to hibernate until the snow melts, but with a little creativity those cold, dreary days can work in your favor.  Here are a few ideas that can turn a cozy night in into a lucrative fundraising opportunity, and a few more that offer a fun night out to those who are willing to brave the elements for a good cause and an enjoyable event.

Super Bowl Party- Whether your team is playing or not, this can be an enjoyable way to watch the game and raise money for your NEADS Service Dog.  Let your friends, and family, know how much your cover charge will be and provide snacks and drinks as part of that charge.

Movie marathon- What better way to relax on a cold wintry night than to have a few friends over and veg out with some good movies.  All you have to do is pick your theme for the night (classics, romance, foreign, comedy) and pop some popcorn.  Ask your friends to donate to NEADS in your name as their cover charge.  If you want to kick it up a notch you can make this a larger event by contacting a theater and arranging to hold your movie night there.  Check out some tips here Movie Marathon

Trivia night- This one can be held at your home with a few friends and a pack of Trivial Pursuit cards, or you can check with local bars/restaurants/ to see if they’ll host it for you.  Either way, you’ll want to select your cover charge and decide on prizes for the winners.  Here’s more information about holding a large scale event Trivia Night Fundraiser

Snow shoveling- Ask homeowners for a suggested donation and in exchange volunteers shovel their driveway.  (Check with local schools, and Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, to see if they are willing to volunteer) 

Candy/Flower grams- Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so this is a great fundraiser to attempt now! Buy lots of small candies or flowers – lollipops and carnations work great – and charge people to purchase them and attach a personalized note.  Tell your buyers exactly which day their candy/flower grams will be delivered to their recipients, and then make your deliveries.  This fundraiser is spectacular at schools and at the office.

All of these ideas are tried and tested by NEADS clients and all have helped with their fundraising.  Give one a try, or find some other fun activity that you’d enjoy and turn that into a fundraising event.  And don’t forget how beneficial sending out fundraising letters can be!  It takes very little time to write a great letter (the more personal the better), and even less time to drop it in the mail.  Seek out local companies, restaurants, civic organizations and places of worship.  You’ll be surprised by how many places you can find donors in your local community.

As always, be creative, choose ideas that appeal to you, and most importantly…don’t give up!  The weather forecast may be bleak but your fundraising forecast is not!